Institutional advisory

Companies and organisations make enormous provisions for future pension payments to their employees. This money must grow in order for employers to be able to fulfil their promises to those who retire. For many years, Söderberg & Partners has provided a number of Sweden's largest private companies, municipalities and counties with analysis services in long-term asset management in relation to pension liabilities. Today we have a mandate to manage the risk relating to over SEK 20 billion in our clients' pension portfolios. Our analysis and management team encompasses a number of specialist skills and our recommendations cover a breadth of areas.

Measurement of pension liabilities

How should a company's pension liabilities be measured? We analyse the commitments in accordance with international accounting standards, such as IFRS.

Analysis of the safeguarding method

Pension, foundation or insurance? Our analyses show the risks and consequences over time and calculate the results for the different alternatives. We can also advise on taxes, legal issues, investment strategies or how to set up a foundation in practical terms.

Institutional asset management

How should pension assets be invested? We evaluate risk against defined goals and take risk control measures. Our offer also includes the evaluation and procurement of investment alternatives, and since we are not tied to specific instruments or suppliers, we can offer a breadth of solutions.

Excellent track reckord

Söderberg & Partners can demonstrate excellent management performance for our institutional clients. All of them have managed to achieve a risk-adjusted return which is significantly higher than the corresponding benchmark groups, even during financially turbulent years.

Advice to institutions, municipalities and counties about pension assets as well as other forms of asset management.