Registration & supervision

Company Registration

The permit-holding companies in Söderberg & Partners are:

Söderberg & Partners Insurance Consulting AB, 556707-7648
Söderberg & Partners Securities AB, 556674-7456

In order to pursue insurance mediation activities, the insurance broker must be registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office. Söderberg & Partners' insurance brokerage companies are registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office for the provision of life insurance and, where appropriate, mutual funds and general insurance.

To check registration, please contact the Swedish Companies Registration Office.

Swedish Companies Registration Office

Address: 851 81 Sundsvall
Phone: +46771-670 670 Fax: 060-12 98 40



Söderberg & Partners is under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (FI), the authority that oversees the companies in the financial market.

To check permits, please contact the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.

Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority

Address: Box 7821, 103 97 Stockholm
Phone: +468-787 80 00 Fax: 08-24 13 35

Tied agents

Söderberg & Partners has entered into agreements with a number of tied agents who provide investment services on our behalf. These tied agents are spread over a large number of locations in Sweden. Supported by Söderberg & Partners' permits, the tied agents have the right to market, distribute and provide investment advice relating to our products and services. We set high standards with regard to the knowledge and competence of our tied agents. Because the tied agents working within the framework of Söderberg & Partners' permits, this also means we are responsible for ensuring that tied agents comply with applicable investor protection regulations and rules of conduct. We regularly monitor our tied agents to ensure that our customers can feel safe with the services they offer.

For you as a customer, there should not be any difference between using a tied agent or using Söderberg & Partners directly!