Vision & Values

The goal is to provide advice and products that continuously allow our customers to be a step ahead, have cost-effective solutions and maintain control over their risks. Our corporate philosophy is based on three cornerstones: Openness, Analysis and Personal advice


We are totally open about what we earn.
You will benefit from using our services- both in the return you obtain and the time you spend on your savings and insurance. This is why we are completely open about what we charge for our advice. Our openness also allows us to select solutions from the entire market portfolio.


Our advice is always based on well-founded analyses
To support our advice, our analysis department prepares solid analyses. Our analysts and strategists work to build and manage a large variety of customised portfolios with different orientations and risk levels. They also rate all the products and solutions we offer based on a traffic light system. This way, we can help you make analysis-driven decisions and select the most beneficial pension solutions, funds and insurance conditions for you as a customer.


We put great deal of energy into personal advice.
Our recommendations are always based on your unique needs and circumstances. This is true whether you represent a listed large cap or invest in funds privately. From your first meeting with us, you are given a personal advisor who is attentive to your goals and wishes.