Our history

Söderberg & Partners was established in 2004 when a group of nine analysts, led by CEO Gustaf Rentzhog, left one of the Nordic region's large financial companies. Per-Olof Söderberg became principal shareholder and has the position as Chairman of the Board.

A brief overview of our history

The initial group of nine analysts has grown to approximately 1 800 employees in seven countries. The first business area was Life & Pension, closely followed by Non-life insurance. Since then, several business areas have emerged. The analysis department has grown and expanded to cover several new areas, and Söderberg & Partners is today one of Sweden's leading advisors and intermediaries of insurance and financial products.

2004 The idea of ​​making analysis-driven financial advice more available is realized and Söderberg & Partners is formed.

2006 The business is expanded with Non-life and corporate insurance advice.

2007 Our investment advisory gains momentum and expands.

2010 We receive the rating "world class" in a customer survey.

2011 We broaden our offering by launching the Payroll and Benefits business areas, developing digital tools for salary and benefit management.

2013 For the second year in a row, Söderberg & Partners are named Insurance Mediator of the Year - Life & pension. We receive the rating "Sweden's most satisfied customers" according to SKI, and in the Universum survey we come out as Sweden's tenth best employer.

2014 10-year anniversary! We establish Söderberg & Partners in Denmark, Finland and Norway.

2017 For the sixth year in a row, in SKI's customer survey, we are named the player with the most satisfied customers in the industry. We establish ourselves in Holland and amount to about 1700 employees!

2020 For the ninth year in a row, according to SKI, we are the player in the brokerage industry with the most satisfied customers. We are also recognized as the company that best managed and supported its customers during the corona pandemic.

2021 For the tenth year in a row, we have received the award "Sweden's most satisfied customer" in the brokerage industry by the Swedish Quality Index (SKI).