Services for businesses

Is your company a listed large company or a small family business? Or maybe somewhere in between? Regardless, you are most welcome to join us. With us, you get advice and support in all parts of the company's finances that can feel complex and difficult to get used to. Regardless of what your business idea looks like and what challenges you face - we are here for you.

Wealth Management

Many of our customers are entrepreneurs, where time is often a scarce commodity. Therefore, our experts take a holistic approach and ensure that both your private finances and the company's are handled optimally, all to make your everyday life easier.
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We will optimise your insurance cover and safeguard your business. Söderberg & Partners is the insurance broker with knowledge and expertise in all types of industries and businesses.
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Life & Pension

Tailored pension solutions with low fees and simplified administration, for you and your co-workers.
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Smarter payroll management

As an employer, Payroll helps you to save time as well as increase your payroll management security. A digital total solution reduces paperwork and increases user friendliness for employees. You also get fixed fees - for real.
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Digital HR systems

Smart systems that streamline your HR work and make your everyday life easier.
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A benefits portal that highlights the total value of all remuneration
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International Services

Do you run a business in more than one country? Are you a multinational company seeking help with business insurance or employee benefits for your subsidiaries in the Netherlands or the Nordics?
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