Opportunities for students or recent graduates


At Söderberg & Partners there are several opportunities for students or recent graduates in fields such as economics, analysis and system development.

Many students work with us in parallel with their studies, particularly in financial analysis, IT and our central customer booking unit, but also in other departments. Extra jobs are a good gateway for talented students with ambitions in the area of finance.

Our students are quickly allowed to take a large amount of responsibility for their duties. As a student, you often have a work area that you run relatively independently. Your working hours are flexible, but, of course, are adapted to the team's needs and the area in which you work. We do not usually recommend any specific university or college orientation; the important thing is that you are easily trained, motivated and ambitious.

What has also attracted employees to Söderberg & Partners is our ability to take advantage of people's ideas and willingness to develop in a certain area. Independent work, in collaboration with our more experienced employees, means that there are great opportunities for skills development and more advanced tasks for those who are motivated to learn and develop.  

Every year we visit a handful of job fairs at universities and colleges. We also organise the annual Finance Essay Competition, which is the finance industry's largest prize for best thesis. 

We regularly receive visits from different student organisations. Please contact HR if you are interested in a visit. 

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Job Fairs

Söderberg & Partners currently participates in the following job fairs:

Handelsdagarna, Handelshögskolan, Stockholm
Ekonomernas Dagar, Stockholms Universitet, Stockholm 
KTH Finance Day, Stockholm
Women’s Finance Day, Handelshögskolan, Stockholm
D-Dagen, KTH, Stockholm